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Lifestyle and constipation

Work, children, diet, exercise, sleep, weather, stress… we know life can be hectic. And any one of these factors can trigger a change in your digestion and the onset of constipation.

Getting to know you

As well as causing physical discomfort, constipation can leave you feeling body-conscious, anxious and irritable. But don’t worry. Knowing what lifestyle factors trigger your constipation can help you make the small changes that can get you back on the path to feeling like your normal self again.

You are what you eat (and drink)

Both what you eat and the way you eat it are important. If you’re stressed at mealtimes and not taking the time to chew properly, eating too many ready-meals, or grabbing a few bites on the go, it can all hinder digestion and contribute to constipation. And if you’re not drinking enough water either, you could be dehydrated and making it harder for your body to digest food properly.

Weighed down by stress

The everyday stresses and strains of life can be key contributors to constipation, upsetting your usual digestive rhythm and forcing a change in routine. The key is to not let the burden of the everyday slow you down. Regularly give yourself a moment to unwind and try to maintain consistency in going to the toilet.

Ease constipation

Now, we know that modern lifestyles, stress and inappropriate diets are sometimes unavoidable, and changing habits is not an overnight process. So if you’ve tried implementing some small steps to ease constipation but still can’t find a sense of relief, then consider trying MICROLAX®. A quick and gentle laxative, MICROLAX® is a micro-enema that can start to work in 5 minutes to relieve constipation and help you get back to your normal self.

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Find quick relief usually within 5-20 minutes

Fast-acting relief with MICROLAX®

The quick and predictable way to ease constipation

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