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How sleep can prevent constipation in children

Sleep is so important for refreshing the body & helping the digestive system do what it does best. Tired children are susceptible to digestive problems like constipation & diarrhea

Settle them in for a good night’s sleep

There will be some days when your child drops off in an instant, and others when it seems like they’ve got energy to burn for hours. But there are ways you can bring a little consistency to their bedtime routine to help ensure they get the rest they need for good digestive health.

Set a routine

It’s not always the easiest thing to do, but setting a fixed time for your children to unwind and head to bed is a great way to establish a rhythm to their daily cycle.

Make it cozy

A comfortable bed is always going to be enticing. Make the environment of your child’s bedroom a place they want to be and a place associated with sleep. Keep it cool, dark and well ventilated, and try not to use it as a place of punishment so as to avoid any negative feelings ahead of sleep time.

Create a mood of calm

Make sure there’s plenty of time for your little ones to unwind in the hour before getting ready for bed. Turn off the TV. Put away the tablet computers. Instead, sit with a story or some soothing music to create a feeling of sleepiness.

Establish bedtime rituals

Pyjamas on. Teeth brushed. Settle in for a story. And a soothing cuddle. Routine is very important when getting children ready for bed, and it can go a long way to helping bodies relax and digestion working effectively.

Encourage an afternoon nap

A little nap during the day is a healthy routine for small children to get into. Just make sure that you wake them up at least 4 hours before their scheduled bedtime to ensure they’re tired enough to sleep later in the day.

Set the example

Night time is probably your chance to unwind and catch up on some TV or a movie. But it’s also important to show your children it’s a time for sleeping. Keep the noise down and the lights low to show your children that they’re not missing anything by being in bed.

Build a space for happy dreams

We know a lot of children take a while to overcome a fear of the dark. But little things like a small night light, leaving the door ajar, and keeping a couple of favourite cuddly toys close by can help them stay relaxed as they drift off to sleep.

One part of the puzzle

Good sleep can be of real benefit to easing constipation in children. But we also know it’s not a magic cure all on its own. Exercise and a healthy diet are also great ways to help prevent constipation. If constipation has already set in and you are looking for relief then you may want to try a quick and gentle laxative like MICROLAX® which can relieve constipation and help restore their natural rhythm while you make the small lifestyle adjustments to their everyday.

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