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Tackle constipation with diet and nutrition

Making small changes to your diet can start to shift your digestive system into a healthy rhythm and help prevent constipation from being a regular occurrence.

Getting the right nutrition for a healthy digestion

Eliminating the foods that can contribute to constipation and introducing ones that make for a happier, healthier gut is a great way to help keep you feeling light and energized. So where should you start?

Keep it flowing with more fibre

When it comes to constipation the first thing that you need to include in your diet is plenty of fibre. To help with long-term success, it is recommended that 3-5 good sources of fibre are consumed per day. Fibre not only leaves you feeling fuller for longer, but stimulates your intestines in a natural way by binding with water to increase the volume of stool ready for passing. Some good sources are:

Bread and GrainsWhole grains – oats, barley, bran vegetables and greens Green vegetables – broccoli, kale, spinach, brussels sprouts Fruits and an orangeFruits - rhubarb, orange, grapefruit, prunes, berries, plus bananas and apples in moderation


Moderation of foods that cause constipation

It’s not just about eating more fibre. It’s also about eating less of the foods that can cause constipation. Whether they slow your digestive process or dehydrate your stool, moderation is key to avoid the onset of unwanted bloating and blockages. Foods you should limit:

Apples and BananasFruit – bananas, apples with skin Pastires and breadPastries & bread – white bread, toast, spelt bread Rice and breadGrains – white rice, oatmeal, grits (maize)
Tea imageTeas – black tea, green tea, blueberry tea CarrotsVegetables – white potatoes, carrots ChocolateSweets – dark chocolate with cocoa solids 70% or higher, biscuits


Drink plenty

Water is key to keeping your digestive system hydrated and at its regular best. It is typically recommended that adults drink 1.5-2 litres of water across the day to help keep constipation at bay.

Change your habits

If you are busy and in a rush it can be easy to skip a meal, particularly first thing in the morning. But breakfast is the perfect way to kick start your digestion. Wherever possible, avoid skipping meals, eating too quickly, and always have a fibre-rich or fruity snack ready to grab on the go.

We know making changes to your diet can be tricky, especially if you’ve got a young family. But you don’t have to separate what you eat from what they eat. Take on a more nutritious diet together and make sure your children are getting what they need for healthy digestion too.

Quick relief

It’s not always easy overhauling your diet and changing your eating habits, especially when improvements to your digestion don’t happen straight away. But be patient with your body as it adjusts to new nutrition. And if you find that you’re still suffering the impact of constipation, consider using a quick and gentle remedy to get you back on track. MICROLAX® is a predictable and fast-acting micro-enema that can ease your constipation in around 5-20 minutes so that you can get back to feeling light, happy and relaxed.

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Find quick relief usually within 5-20 minutes

Fast relief with MICROLAX®

A gentle micro-enema designed to put you back in control and bring predictable relief in approximately 5-20 minutes.

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