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How nutrition can help pregnancy constipation

Having constipation when you’re pregnant is common. Help maintain your digestive balance and tackle the impact caused by changing hormones and a growing belly with the right diet.

Eat well for better digestion

With so much information available on what you should and shouldn’t eat during your pregnancy, it’s not surprising that confusion – as well as constipation – is common among moms-to-be. That’s why we’ve put together these tips on some of the key nutrients you need and the exercises you can do for a happy and healthy body.

Get plenty of fibre

Eating lots of fruits, vegetables, salads, and whole grains will keep you fibre-rich throughout your pregnancy. But make sure that everything is well-washed to remove any lingering pesticides or debris before eating.

Bread and grainsWhole grains – oats, barley, bran vegetables and greensGreen vegetables – broccoli, kale, spinach, brussels sprouts Fruits and an orangeFruits – rhubarb, orange, grapefruit, prunes, berries, plus bananas and apples in moderation


Stay hydrated

It is typically recommended that pregnant women drink about 2 litres, or about eight to ten glasses, of water during the day. And to help kick start your digestive system into action first thing in the morning, you can try drinking a glass of water, buttermilk or prune juice.

Fill up on flaxseed

Packed with essential Omega-3 fatty acids, lingens (which are reported to have antioxidant qualities) and fibre, flaxseed is an ideal addition to foods like yogurt and salads. And great for preventing uncomfortable clogging.

Eat fruit first thing

Soaking dried fruit like figs or plums overnight in warm water can provide you with the perfect food for settling an empty stomach the following morning.

Talk to your doctor

If changes to your diet don’t help you prevent constipation, then you can also talk to your doctor or gynaecologist about taking a laxative. They’ll tell you which laxatives are suitable to use during pregnancy.

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