Fast relief with MICROLAX®

A gentle micro-enema designed to relieve constipation, when you want it.

Baby laughing

Treating babies with constipation

To ease your baby’s constipation try MICROLAX. It’s a gentle, predictable and effective solution that can get things back to normal fast.

Young girl drinking water

Treating children with constipation

From home remedies like diet and exercise, to gentle laxative treatments, you have options when it comes to easing your child’s constipation.

Pregnant woman stretching on beach

Treating when pregnant

Rid yourself of extra pregnancy discomfort by using the safe and predictable MICROLAX to relieve constipation.

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Home Remedies

Uncover the small everyday changes you can make to help find relief before resorting to over the counter treatments for constipation.

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Know your laxatives

Knowing what type of laxatives there are and how they work to ease your constipation can help you choose the relief that’s right for you.