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Home remedies for constipation

There are several additions you can make to your diet, which can have a natural laxative effect and help you avoid discomfort caused by constipation.

Help nature take its course

Diets rich in fibre are a great way to naturally help avoid constipation and stimulate intestinal activity, as well as working to lower cholesterol levels. And while there are lots of ways you can tweak your daily nutrition to consume additional sources of fibre, here are some natural recommendations to get your bowels moving.

Dried fruit / fruit juice

The nice thing about dried fruit and fruit juice is that anyone who suffers occasional constipation can find a type of fruit and taste they like. Whether it’s pear, prune or pineapple (to name a few), all are a great source of valuable fruit acids, pectin and fibre. And, after being consumed as part of your diet for two or three days, they can help fuel your digestion and ease you into a regular rhythm.


Perfect as a topping for yogurt, cereal or salad, flaxseed (alongside wheat bran and psyllium) is a great source of the fibres important for healthy digestion. Drink at least two litres of water a day in order to make sure the flaxseed swells sufficiently in the intestine and helps increase the volume of your stool ready for passing.

An alternative treatment


Despite best intentions, life can often get in the way and the symptoms of constipation creep in. While natural laxatives can help, you may sometimes want to give nature a quick helping hand

MICROLAX® puts you back in control. A gentle micro-enema that works locally in the rectum, it’s easy to administer and works quickly to soften your stool in around 5-20 minutes. And, because it acts in the rectum rather than the gut, it’s also an effective and predictable option to use for babies with constipation , and there is a low risk of dependency.

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Find quick relief usually within 5-20 minutes

Fast-acting relief with MICROLAX®

The quick and predictable way to ease constipation

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