Pregnant woman stretching on beach

Constipation during pregnancy

As your body changes through pregnancy, it can be common to suffer from digestion disorders like constipation.

Natural laxative remedies

Simple changes to your diet during pregnancy can be a great way to help eliminate the discomfort of constipation. Here are some you can try.

Dried Fruit

Adding foods such as dried fruit to your diet can deliver a natural laxative effect and help keep you regular during your pregnancy. Whether eaten pure or soaked overnight, they are a great source of fruit acid, pectin and fibres. Seeing a result can be slow though, with effects kicking in after one to three days of regular consumption.

Fibre-rich food

Look to add foods like flaxseed, psyllium and wheat bran to your meals for extra fibre that can help keep you regular. When adding these foods, make sure you drink at least two litres of water a day to stay hydrated and keep your stools soft enough for easy passage. Drinking too little can have the opposite effect and increase your constipation.

Over-the-counter Medications

You can help relieve your constipation with over-the-counter medications but should consult a doctor before using these products while pregnant or breast-feeding.

Prevention is the best medicine

Hopefully medication will only ever be a last resort to help you out of constipation during your pregnancy. Regular exercise and the right nutrition in the build up to and throughout your term can positively affect your digestive health and help eliminate the symptoms associated with constipation.